"With this promising candidate for best German graphic novel oft the year, Jüliger has created his masterpiece. Disturbing, original, and highly up to date.“

Thomas von Steinaecker, Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Unfollow traces a young social media influencer's rise to becoming the leader of a global economic movement. Earthboi (@realearthboi) is Nature's incarnate son, his memories as old as Earth itself. Using his knowledge, he sets out to create a sustainable world with or without humans.

Reprodukt, 128 pages

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“Discomforting stories from our present age, confrontations close to reality: the uncanniness of Lukas Jüliger’s graphic novels feel disturbingly normal.“

Timur Vermes, Spiegel Online

„Capturing the present age in drawn images is not an easy feat. In 2013 Lukas Jüliger succeeded in doing so with his book debut. With Unfollow he once again hits the spirit of our times.“

Andreas Platthaus, FAZ

“Keen-wittedly, the graphic novels talks about digital mechanisms of power, the conflicting idealism of an online community with its own physical commune and of what happens when influencers lose control over their own narrative. The sophisticated way of storytelling and soft drawings skillfully create lots of unease.“

3sat Kulturzeit

“There aren’t many books that touch us on a level where we gladly sacrifice some hours of sleep to keep reading them or even wake up at night to do so. The graphic novel Unfollow is that kind of book.“

Susanne Baller, Stern

“Lukas Jüliger’s graphic novel Unfollow is a complex examination of our era – a time in which we still have the possibility to act in terms of our planet. The images are full of melancholy and Lukas Jüliger proves himself a great narrator of our present day.“

Niels Beintker, Bayerischer Rundfunk

In 2021 Goethe Institut Washington DC curated an Unfollow exhibition with original drawings on display. To accompany the event, I created a digital book presentation including reading parts and audience questions

presentation UNFOLLOW